Shipping / Refunds

Fast, Reliable Shipping

We know you want your products delivered quickly and safely to your home. That is why we partnered with Amazon for most of our shipping and logistics. Customers in the U.S. will enjoy Insured Shipping for all purchases. For international shipments, we encourage you to contact us before placing an order.

  • Domestic (U.S.) Shipping ($4.95)
    • 4 - 6 business days
  • International Shipping ($44.95)
    • 3 - 4 weeks

Fast, Reliable Shipping


Free + Shipping Orders

As part of special, limited time promotions, we may offer products for FREE and just charge for shipping and handling.  These orders can take up to 3-4 weeks to fulfill due to the large volume of products requested during the promotion.  Any items purchased at full price with a Free + Shipping Offer will be fulfilled in the standard amount of time (see above).  These promotions are exclusively for our U.S. customers.

Free + Shipping Orders have a limited 24-hour refund window.  You have up to 24 hours after your order was placed to request a full refund.  Please send all requests to (or message us through the Contact page).


All Other Purchases Are Refundable

You deserve high-quality products. If you buy something, it should last. Unfortunately, many companies are trying to cut expenses by using cheaper and cheaper materials to pad their bottom line. Not us. We recognize that high-quality products are sorely needed in the marketplace. And we are more than happy to deliver. That is why all our store brand products are backed by a total satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with your purchase, we’ll happily refund your money - no questions asked.


This guarantee applies for all Aqua Elegante products with no additional registration or work on your part. Our total satisfaction guarantee lasts for 6 months for all consumable products (e.g. filters, filter cartridges, candles), and you receive 5 years for all non-cosumable products (e.g. shower heads, shower arms, mirrors). Just send us an email with your order number, and we will take care of the rest.