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Product Description
  • UNLIKE OTHER SHOWER HEADS THAT are made from cheap, thin plastic, the Aqua Elegante Shower Head has a thick layer of robust ABS thermoplastic resin that is BPA FREE. The high pressure showerhead resist corrosion, withstands physical impact, and DOESN'T RUST - while still being lightweight and easy-to-handle.
    • DON'T PUT UP WITH SHOWER HEADS THAT clog up or spray in weird directions. We engineered our showerhead with SELF-CLEANING NOZZLES made from mineral-resistant silicone. The nozzles are shaped to jet water flow, which PREVENTS CALCIUM BUILD-UP inside and on the nozzles. You no longer need to worry about hard water clogging up your spray nozzles.
      • NO MORE DEALING WITH shower heads that barely trickle out water or needle your skin with thin streams or peel your skin off with excess pressure. Our shower head will make you enjoy showering again with a traditional, firm spray.
        • OUR MISSION IS TO HAVE YOU enjoy a better shower right away. That is why we made our shower head SUPER EASY TO INSTALL. Just twist it on! No plumbers required. We have clear, step-by-step instructions with pictures to guide you through the 1-minute installation. We also include a FREE ROLL of high-quality Teflon tape.
        • WE BELIEVE A SHOWER HEAD SHOULD be installed once and then enjoyed for many years. That is why we use DURABLE BRASS FITTINGS that don't crack or leak like most plastic threads. And our ball joints allow an extra range of motion, so you can point the shower head exactly where you want it.

          Customer Reviews

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          Richard Deckelman
          Adjustable Shower Head

          I love this shower head. After trying four different heads from other places, I have found the one both my wife and I agree on. Adjustment of spray pattern is really easy, and each pattern is quite different. Nice finish. Easy install.

          Nicole R.
          Great Showerhead!

          This showerhead has wonderful pressure and was just what we were looking for. It was easy to install and looks wonderful.

          Suzanne D.
          Exceeded expectations!

          This is the second shower head I purchased from you. Loved the first one and the second !

          Mary R.
          Shower head replacement

          Awesome! Easy installation and love the water pressure it puts out. Very relaxing...

          Hello Mary,

          All of us here would like to express our utmost appreciation for giving a perfect rating for our shower heads. We are glad that you're having a great time using our product. It is a testament of our commitment to provide you with quality products. For any other concerns, don't hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you. Have a great day ahead!

          Jose Miguel A.
          Aqua Elegante

          Edward F. Shimkus
          The 6% Negative Reviews Can, For The Most, Be Dispelled

          To understand the product description better, this shower head has six positions:

          1. "Water saver": this is a 1-inch diameter, center stream consisting of four, paired jets with a very gentle/minimal flow that does not appreciably change with water pressure. In my shower, the flow rate is 1 quart per 1.1 minutes (vs. the 2.5 gallons per minute water-saver standard)
          2. "Power message": utilizes the same jets as number 1, above, but with high volume, forceful flow;
          3. "Mixed": combines the number 2 setting, above with the 53 or so main ("saturating rinse") jets, below;
          4. "Saturating rinse": what one would consider the usual full flow of a 4-inch shower head;
          5. "Mixed": combines the number 4 setting, below, with the number 6, "gentle mist" setting, above;
          6. "Gentle mist": produces a mist-like spray of about 2-inches in diameter from the 11 jets between the center and main jets.

          I purchased the brushed nickle version, which has the appearance, weight, and sound as if it were solid metal vs, the abs plastic that it is, i.e., it is, indeed, "heavy-duty ABS plastic." The water flow from the jets are even but I have not owned it long enough to observe any clogging. Then too, I use filtered rain water so I would not expect any caliche buildup anyway.

          Regarding the negative (1-3) reviews: leakage - I have none; inadequate pressure: I run between 40 - 60 psi with the water restrictor in place and have no pressure issues; loud: one does hear varying degrees of rushing water "noise" depending on the setting but I would not consider what I hear to be excessive or significantly different from any shower head I have used; water coverage small at its widest point: well, it is a 4-inch shower head at its widest and, I would suggest, it is easy enough for one to determine, ahead of time, how much coverage one wants and buy accordingly; "throws a LOT of water [with inadequate] coverage: at once we have complaints about not enough water and a lot of water but without an adequate coverage area.

          The fact is, this is a 4-inch shower head that puts out more than enough water, especially if the water restrictor is removed. I think it fair to say that the negative users either suffered inadequate system water pressure, unreasonable expectations, or did not appreciate the diameter of the shower head and, therefore, its coverage.

          Finally, one might ask, why the number 1, minimal water flow ("Water-saver") setting? Two uses for me: I shave in the shower and need only a constant, gentle, small stream to rinse my razor; secondly, when washing, I do not want or need a full flow of water - just enough to lather up.

          This shower head has 94% positive reviews and, I believe, deserves every one of them.

          Thank you very much for leaving us a very detailed review, Ed. I'm glad you absolutely love your new shower head. However, I believe this review is intended for the 6-function shower head you also bought? :-) But no issue, I love your review and I'm sure many people found this very helpful. Let us know if you ever need anything.

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